Charna Cassell, MFT, MA, is committed to world peace and the liberation of all beings. Charna’s activism happens through her body-centered psychotherapy practice, by facilitating heart opening, deeper consciousness, clearer communication and embodiment. She believes the Lucia light can play a role in helping people access internal space and peace, which directly affects how they relate in the world. While the Lucia light does not claim to be a “medical or therapeutic device”, as a therapist that specializes in working with trauma and the nervous system, she sees tremendous benefit for herself and her clients from the light.


Charna discovered the Lucia Light at a transformative tech conference, hoping to find neurofeedback devices to help her clients deal with trauma, insomnia, anxiety and aid in meditation. The Lucia Light met all those needs. It left her euphoric, relaxed and more rested. During future sessions, she felt held and supported by the universe in a new way and old traumatic memories that surfaced during light sessions were integrated without the emotional charge they may typically have. Over continued use, the light also reactivated her creative flow, motivation to write and continues to deepen her intuition. Most importantly it has helped with challenging sleep patterns and from a more rested place everything is more easeful.


Her experience with the light was profound enough that she was driven to bring the light to her psychotherapy colleagues, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, post-trauma thrivers, cultural creatives, tech friends and the whole Bay Area. Illuminated SF was born. Charna is currently writing a book, Swimming Through Glass: A Guide to Embodied Life after Sexual Trauma. She can be found walking her puppy, Santosha, in the redwoods in Oakland, CA.


Santosha a.k.a. Toshi, assists Charna in her private practice working to unwind trauma and settle people’s nervous system. Santosha means “contentment” in Sanskrit. She brings a feeling of satisfaction to clients and strangers all over the bay area. Toshi is well known for her warm belly, soft hair and loving demeanor. Spontaneous heart opening is common in Toshi’s presence. She loves to sleep on Charna while she is receiving Lucia light Sessions. Similar to the effects of the light people feel deeper states of calm and can’t contain expressions of love when around her. 

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