Do you have an Eastbay location as well?

We are in conversations about bringing the light to a Chiropractor’s office 1 day a week. Stay in touch and please let us know. We will add you to a list to be contact when this happens.

Is it really just white light?
Yes, through varying frequencies of white LEDs and white halogen in front of closed eyes, the pineal gland is stimulated. This takes you on an incredible visual journey which is unique to each individual and usually includes a wide range of colors, vortexes, fractal patterns sacred geometry, images of nature or flashes of your own memories.

How long do sessions last?
The first session is 50 minutes total, which includes 8 minutes of short sessions that help us assess which setting to choose for your personalized longer session. Some people need more verbal integration time while others prefer more light. If you know you are someone who prefers a lot of integration time and also want a good amount of time under the light., double sessions are a possible option. Future sessions can range from 20 minutes under the light to 50 minutes in the light depending on the length of the session.

What days can I book sessions?
Currently we offer sessions Sat and Sun 9am-7pm and Friday and Mondays will be added shortly. We are looking to add additional days. Please let us know when you are hoping to come in and we can see what is possible.

Is the experience safe?
Yes, for most people, it is safe and beneficial. The inventors used their knowledge of the brain and what benefits it to create each setting. Of course people’s nervous systems have different needs. If the session becomes too intense you can put your hand in front of your eyes or ask the light attendant to stop the session. The Lucia experience is not recommended for clients with photo-sensitive epilepsy due to the stroboscopic function of the light.

Are my eyes open or closed?
Your eyes are closed the whole time. The light works through your eyelids.

What do I need to do to prepare for the session?

Before your session
•You can choose to pick out music for your session the night before if you prefer, though we have music we provide.
•Relaxing or meditative music without lyrics that aids in reaching a positive mind space is optimal.
(Note: The light is a powerful brain entrainment tool. Please do not combine with brain entrainments such as binaural beats.)
•Eat and hydrate well prior to your session.
•Take some time to ground and set an intention for your session. An intention can be as simple as “receive the light”.
•Ask your light attendant any questions you may have.

During your session
• Try not to have any particular expectations. Try to observe, rather than analyze. Open yourself to the experience. There is no wrong or right way, no better or worse way.
• Keep your eyes closed. (Although opening your eyes will not damage them, it is not pleasant.)
• You may occasionally feel a breeze from the fan.
• You may hear the fan switching on and off.
• At times you might experience involuntary fluttering of the eyelids. Do not let this worry you, it is a normal physiological response. This is usually remedied by looking throughout the third eye.
• You may notice an increase in your heart rate as a component of the brain entrainment process.
• Breathe deeply and evenly.
• You can abandon the session at any time by holding your hand over your eyes and turning your head away from the light.

After a Light Session:
•Take time to allow for integration of what you’ve experienced.
•Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol.
•Consider meditating prior to bedtime.
•Get plenty of rest to optimize the healthful impacts of your experience.

Is there research about the light?

Given the light was invented in Europe, the published studies thus far have been done in Europe. If you are interested in studies, we can send you links. We had a neuroscientist come into our office with an EEG machine and measure multiple people’s brainwaves before, during and after. Consistent results found that the right and left hemispheres of the brain where balanced after the light session, in addition to an increase in alpha and theta.

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